Let's talk about Setting Sprays (2)

The 6 Best Setting Sprays

Even in this Southern humidity, my summer brides always look beautiful, refreshed and glowy all day long. And that has a lot to with applying the best setting spray! So, to help all of you live your best non-melt life, here’s a quick roundup of some of my staple setting sprays.

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This spray is a lightweight, alcohol and oil-free spray that sets makeup for long periods of times without any melting or settling. It gives a beautiful soft finish to the final look and can be used as a primer as well. It’s great for all skin types. You’re pretty much guaranteed a great makeup day all day long.

Do you keep blotting papers on you at all times? Do you consider yourself a walking oil slick? Then this spray is perfect for you. It’s a lightweight, no transfer, long-lasting setting spray with a matte finish. It keeps makeup intact all day while keeping you looking fresh and flawless.

Another great option for the oily gals is this mattifying setting spray that us lightweight and absorbs excess oil. It can maintain your flawless look for HOURS – even in extreme heat! It is also infused with Aloe Leaf Extract so it helps maintain moisture and keeps you looking fresh. Use under and/or over the look for great melt protection.

Another Danessa Myricks favorite, this hydrating spray is great for combination and dry skin. It is a hydrating spray that locks the look into place while not drying you out. The hyaluronic acid and cucumber extract in the formula helps to hydrate and soothe the skin. It works all day to keep the skin cool while also remaining moisturizing. This spray is great for refreshing the look throughout the day as well.

This alcohol-free, hydrating setting spray is a great option for dry or sensitive skin types. And its fine, continuous mist makes it perfect for quick refreshing applications throughout the day. It dries very quickly and does very well in extreme temps.  

This aerosol setting spray is super lightweight and very fine. Bonus point: it smells AMAZING! It dries with a matte finish and locks your look in place all day. This goes a long way towards ensuring a perfect look for long periods of time in high humidity.

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As always, a lot of makeup/skincare/beauty decisions are made through trial and error. If one doesn’t work for you and your skin, try another! Have you tried any of these options? How did they hold up for you? Let me know which one is your fave.