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Three Non-Makeup Tools for a Traveling MUA

I have spent over a decade putting in the miles as a professional travel makeup artist. Over the years, I’ve figured out the most important things I need when traveling to my clients. Other than a solid (and efficiently packed) makeup kit, there are three other items that are always brought along so let’s get into it.

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This ring light has been a life saver! Lighting is so important when applying makeup and sometimes a natural light source on location is just not possible. I always want to make sure that I am applying the best shades to all my clients so a great travel light was necessary. This light has exceeded all my expectations. The height is adjustable, there are several levels or brightness and it makes all pre and post photos looks GREAT! It’s truly the best ring light I’ve ever seen or used over the last 10+ years. Definitely worth the investment.

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My kit was never the same once I received this rolling makeup train. It has so many compartments. All packed and stacked so efficiently. It’s very easy to get to all the products and even easier to get everything packed right back up when it’s time to go. It can be cleaned very easily and, even when fully packed, it never feels heavy. It’s the best way to get all my kit items around with wear and tear on me or my products. 

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This chair is used with all my clients – whether in studio or on the road. It’s a great height so I don’t hurt my back with a lot of bending over while working. It has a pretty significant maximum weight limit so I never have to worry about it not being able to hold any of my clients. And it folds nicely into a travel bag! It has been one of my best purchases and I couldn’t recommend highly enough. 10/10 stars!

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If you’re a travel MUA, do you also bring along these items? What’s some other things that you MUST have when traveling to your clients? Let me know!