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Quick 7 Minute Makeup Routine

Even though I will always love a solid two hours to leisurely get my ideal makeup look of the day, sometimes I just don’t have the time! Over the last few months, I have gotten my “hurry up and let’s go!” makeup look down to 7 minutes. It has taken PRACTICE, but it’s definitely worth it. Let’s talk about the products that make it possible.

Quick note: As with all makeup looks, wash and moisturize your face first! And always apply a sunscreen. My current favorite is Black Girl Sunscreen. 

Quick note: this page includes affiliate links. If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend items that I personally love or believe in. 

This oil has become a staple in my daily routine! It’s best for normal to dry skin, but I have seen some of oiler girls love it as well. It is so moisturizing and leaves your face with a dewy look – even once you apply your foundation.

I cannot say enough about this foundation. It’s weightless, waterproof, humidity-resistant and can full coverage. And, like it’s name boasts, it is very long-lasting! A little goes a long way and it sets pretty quickly. What more can I even say about this one? 

My current shade: 3.02 Medium with Neutral Olive Undertone

This solid staple has been consistent for years. It provides the necessary under eye coverage while not breaking the bank. It’s also pretty long lasting and, with the right application, does not crease easily. 

My current shade: Medium 25

This weightless formula gives skin a natural pop of sheer color that builds pretty easily for even more coverage if needed. A little goes a long way and it’s a great way to bring a little more “life” to my face.

My current favorite shade: Soft Burgundy

This setting powder is just about perfect. Not much is ever needed. It brightens the skin and blurs out any imperfections. And it definitely assists with making sure your foundation stays put all day long. 

This gloss has been a part of my every day look for a while now. It is buildable to medium coverage and completely non-sticky. One noticeable con with this one: it is not long lasting. You will have to reapply a few times throughout the day. However, for this price point and initial shine, I think it’s worth it! 

My current favorite shade: Praline

This is a relatively new addition to my look and I have been enjoying it. It is long wearing and smudge proof. And adds a great boost to my lashes on those non eyelash wearing days. 

As always, a lot of makeup/skincare/beauty decisions are made through trial and error. If one doesn’t work for you and your skin, try another! Have you tried any of these options from my 7 minute face? And let me know how quickly you can throw a “face on” and get out of the door!